Drug Counselors Kansas City

Drug Counselors Kansas City

Drug and behavioral disorder counselors advise people who suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, or other behavioral problems. Serenity Counseling and Wellness center has some of the top drug counselors Kansas City. They provide treatment and support to help the client recover from addiction or modify problem behaviors.

Serenity prides itself on the service we provide and ensure that we have the best Drug Counselors Kansas City. Our staff are licensed and qualifications verified to make sure we are providing the best service for you.

Drug Counselors Kansas City

Menissa Hill Brox MA, LCAC

CEO and Executive Director

Menissa Hill-Brox is a MA (Masters in Counseling Psychology), LCAC (Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor), certified in Substance Abuse, Addictions, Child Development and Patient Care Technician. She has worked in the field of social services for 20 years. She has extensive experience working with clients dealing with substance abuse and mental health disorders. Menissa is known as one of the best substance abuse counselors Kansas city.

Since acquiring her master’s level degree in 2006 Menissa has worked in human service centers in Missouri and Kansas providing group and individual counseling sessions, and assisting families in building relationships. Menissa has acquired skills and techniques in the counseling arena to pursue the creation of her own counseling and treatment center.

Menissa was born and raised in Kansas City, KS and is a graduate of Wyandotte High School. She wanted to serve her home town and use her knowledge and skills to help people in Kansas City. Her strong reputation throughout the Kansas City area and quality word of mouth from past clients will fuel this business to high levels.




Drug Counselors Kansas City


Justin Bastin (LAC)

Justin Bastin is a Master’s level Addictions Counselor and has been serving the Kansas City area for many years. A 3 year veteran at Serenity Counseling and Wellness Center Justin has established himself as one of the best Addictions Counselors in Kansas City.


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